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What exactly does 400 AGL mean?

An Unmanned Aircraft Sytem (UAS) other wise known as a drone is only legal to fly up to but not including 400 feet above the ground or above ground level ( agl). It is legal to fly higher than the 400 foot limit if you're flying around or above a structure and then it's legal to fly up to but not including 400 feet above that structure provided that you stay within a 400 foot radius of the structure.

Mission Statement

To provide the best possible aerial video and photographs to the client, Filling the clients needs and doing so by staying within the legal guide lines of the Federal Aviation Administration. Using tried and tested late model aircraft designed by the leading UAS manufacturer in the world with all the latest safety features available. High resolution photographs and up to 4k video gives the client the very best in imagery and video to fill the needs for sharing with your clients and customers or just your friends and family. Photographs and Video's are delivered in a usable format for any application whether online, in person or on your business or home computer and even your dvd player at home.

You have plenty of options when it comes to hiring an aerial photographer.

Here are a few questions you should ask and a few things you may need to know to help with your choice.

Is the pilot licensed by the FAA to fly unmanned aircraft?

Did you know that in order to fly an unmanned aircraft for hire you must be licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration?

Is the pilot insured?

How much experience flying remote aircraft does the pilot have?

Does the pilot have maintenance records for his unmanned aircraft?

Does the pilot know how and where to get the proper authorization to fly in controlled air space?

What is "controlled airspace"?

Is your planned location near a controlled airport?

Is your planned location in an area busy with other people, roadways, shopping centers or things of that nature?

How high can a pilot fly an unmanned aircraft?

For answers to all of your questions and concerns about hiring a FAA Licensed Pilot for your aerial photo / video shoot, Please feel free to contact us